Are Walmart Car Batteries Good?

Walmart is one of the most extensive retail chains in the world. As of 2022, economists value the company somewhere around $153 billion. You can get anything from a pack of gum to the latest generation video game console delivered straight to your home. You can even use their services to avail of car batteries per your requirements.

But, with the volume and diversity of batteries available, many may wonder, “Are Walmart car batteries good?” If you’re one of them, this is just the piece to help you out.

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What Are the Benefits of Walmart Car Batteries?

What Are the Benefits of Walmart Car Batteries?

Compared to other retail services and manufacturer-run repair shops, Walmart has several advantages for customers who buy car batteries. A few that make it popular include:

  • Ease of selection and comparison between different manufacturers
  • Quality assurance with a minimum 6-month warranty and convenient replacements
  • Sealed protective cases with high impact and vibration tolerance
  • Overcharge protection and high thermal stability
  • Up to 760 cold cranking amps that allow for extended ideal times

How Do Walmart Car Batteries Compare to Other Brands?

Compared to other brands, the car batteries you get from Walmart are more rugged against external elements. Sure, you pay a premium compared to similar batteries from Costco or Target, but you receive increased reliability and a few extra service perks.

Additionally, Walmart offers various discounts and package deals that help you save money, especially when you want to pool resources for multiple vehicles. You get an extended replacement warranty from other brands, but Walmart gives you a more hassle-free experience with your purchase.

What Are Some of the Pros and Cons of Using a Walmart Car Battery?

Like other retail brands with electrical equipment on sale, Walmart has its own pros and cons.


  • Easy to search for your battery of choice
  • Multiple payment options and delivery services are available
  • Thorough quality checks before the batteries hit the store shelves
  • Walmart Auto Center allows you to carry out any checks or replacements on your car battery for free
  • Lucrative deals available with multiple battery purchases and electrical kits
  • Facility to reuse old car batteries, granting a discount to the customers, and reducing e-waste generation


  • Other brands have more detailed comparative charts
  • More expensive than other online sellers
  • Shorter replacement warranty

How Long Do Walmart Car Batteries Last?

The lifespan of the car battery you get from Walmart depends upon several factors, from the mean temperature differences to how often you drive your car. However, most EverStart or Energizer batteries from Walmart can last well up to five years with zero maintenance. Still, it helps to check the status of your car battery every few months using a multimeter.

How To Install a Walmart Car Battery?

Installing a car battery is pretty straightforward. You can do it using the method mentioned below:

  1. Make sure your car’s ignition is turned off and open the hood. Remove the old battery if it’s still present.
  2. Unbox the battery and remove any insulation from the terminals.
  3. Connect the negative terminal to the negative cable and vice versa. Make sure to screw in the terminals tightly.
  4. Put on the insulation covers and secure the battery in the engine bay.
  5. Close the hood. Your car battery should now function as intended.

How To Maintain Walmart Car Battery

You can occasionally take several steps to keep your car battery in optimal condition. Some of the most valuable ones include:

  • Change the car battery every four years. Most car batteries last for five years. So, it is best to swap yours out before they die out at the most inconvenient time.
  • Monthly check the acid levels using a hydrometer. A regular lead-acid battery should ideally have 37% acid and 63% water.
  • Perform a load test every six months. It lets you know the status of terminals and whether the battery is charging to its rated capacity.
  • Clean any rust or dirt from the battery using an appropriate solution. You can use a lime and water solution, but it is best to go for a dedicated spraying solution from Walmart.

Where Can I Buy a Walmart Car Battery?

You can procure car batteries in person by visiting your local Walmart store and browsing through the Electricals or Car Accessories section. If you don’t find the variant you desire, you can ask the front desk to order it and contact you once it’s in stock.

Alternatively, you can order your preferred car battery from Walmart’s online store website. It may not be available everywhere, but you can get the battery delivered straight to your home.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are EverStart Good Batteries?

Yes. EverStart batteries resist high-energy impacts and vibrations, making them much safer than other battery brands. Their AGM batteries ensure that your car is ready to go whenever you need it to be.

How Long Does EverStart Battery Last?

Everstart has a diverse range of high-value batteries that can last between three and five years. With EverStart Maxx, you can get a lifespan of up to ten years with minimal maintenance.

What Manufacturer Makes Walmart Car Batteries?

Walmart usually features EverStart as its primary car battery supplier. However, they also have batteries from other manufacturers such as Energizer, Duracell, Odyssey, etc. Although, you should note which of those are covered by warranty, as some are third-party products with limited Walmart guarantee.

Which Company of Battery Is Better for Car?

It depends upon your car’s make and model. Most cars can work with any manufacturer so long as they comply with the electrical requirements. Specialized vehicles require specific properties to make the most of any drive. For example, the Land Rover Defender works well with Interstate car batteries as they can withstand extreme temperature differences.

Who Makes EverStart Maxx Batteries for Walmart?

EverStart Maxx batteries are manufactured by Johnson Controls, an electrical manufacturing firm operating in the US since 1887.

Does It Matter What Car Battery You Buy?

Yes. Each car battery brand has various features that make them suitable for specific applications. For instance, EverStart batteries are rugged enough to last long, whereas Energizer batteries are simple to repair.

Does Walmart Buy Old Car Batteries?

Yes. You can find a battery recycling system at any Walmart store or Auto Center. You can trade in old car batteries to do your bit for the environment while also getting a special discount on a new piece.

Is More Cold Cranking Amps Better?

More cold cranking amps (CCA) mean that it is less likely for a battery to fail in cold weather. It is also a great measure to determine whether your battery will start if left idle for a long time.


If you were wondering, “Are Walmart car batteries good?” you might finally have your answer. Walmart offers you several benefits, including high-quality car batteries that can last you for years. Their AutoCare Center and maintenance options make them one of the world’s best retail stores for automotive parts.


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