Costco Interstate Battery Review

With the variety that exists in vehicle classes, there is also a broad range of car battery types to choose from. The correct battery ensures that the engine remains functional without requiring you to pop the hood occasionally.

Interstate Car Batteries

Interstate is a well-known brand that manufactures batteries for numerous applications, including automobiles. And it’s often tied up with Costco, one of the largest retail chains in the world, to distribute its inventory. If you’re looking for the definitive Costco Interstate battery review that covers all the required aspects, then this is a piece you must read through.

Types of Car Batteries Available at Costco

Costco is an expansive retail store that sells automotive parts and accessories for almost any vehicle. Whether you own a car, bike, pickup, golf cart, or lawn mower, if it moves with power, you can get its parts from Costco. In the case of car batteries, there are two structural versions you can pick from.

Standard Flooded Lead-Acid Battery

Standard Flooded Lead-Acid Battery

A flooded lead-acid battery is a simple and robust design that is sealed with both electrodes sharing the same electrolyte (hence the name). It can last for multiple years thanks to the durable design of the plates. It also has a ventilation system for safer recharging cycles.

Absorbed Glass Mat Battery

Absorbed Glass Mat Battery
Absorbed Glass Mat Battery

Unlike flooded lead acid batteries, an Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery has multiple compartments that contain the electrodes. That allows for a more durable design that can withstand high-speed impacts and extended vibration cycles without disrupting the internal parts.

Moreover, the compound structure allows for separate seals for each container. So, the battery still remains usable even if a few compartments are no longer functional. It also saves you plenty of money in the long run since you can walk into any workshop and repair the damaged containers instead of replacing the battery altogether. The heat-sealed case cover prevents the spillage of electrolytes as well.

Who Makes Interstate Car Batteries for Costco?

Interstate batteries are manufactured by Johnson Controls, a company that has been operational since 1885. Almost all batteries roll off the production line located in the massive plant in Monterrey, Mexico. Johnson Controls is a trusted brand that also supplies Li-ion batteries for electric vehicles and manufactures HVAC components for Hitachi.

Quality of Costco Car Batteries

If you look over the ratings on the official Costco website, Interstate batteries have an average rating of 4.8 stars out of five. That’s because you get several benefits from buying car batteries from Costco.

  • You can conveniently locate the car battery that precisely fits your needs thanks to the battery search function on the official website.
  • All batteries undergo a thorough 7-point inspection before making their way to the designated warehouses or store shelves.
  • When you purchase a battery, it is fully charged and ready to use from the Costco store itself.
  • Batteries are zero maintenance and last for a fair few years before needing repairs or replacements.
  • A regular 12-Volt car battery from Interstate has 700 Cold-Cranking Amps (CCA). That means the battery can ignite your car in the coldest weather, even if you leave it inoperable for long hours.
  • Costco has a battery recycling system in place to save you some money on trading in your old batteries, reducing their e-waste production in the process.

It only escapes a perfect rating due to the fact that it may not have all the battery variants. It also lacks a comprehensive battery replacement service, as offered by Autozone and Walmart.

How Long Do Costco Interstate Batteries Last?

While the Interstate battery for your vehicle may be rated for anywhere between three to five years, how you use and maintain it remains a critical factor. If you check the battery levels regularly, keep it clean, and don’t overcharge beyond the rated limits, you can extend the lifespan well past seven years.

How Much Do Costco Interstate Car Batteries Cost?

Costco has several variants of Interstate car batteries that can cost anywhere between $50 and $150, depending on the suited vehicle type. Given the quality of the car batteries, an equivalent battery from other retailers will cost you an average of $10 more. While the option for home delivery can be unavailable for several versions, it is easy to check one out from your local store.

How Much Do Costco Interstate Car Batteries Cost?
How Much Do Costco Interstate Car Batteries Cost?

Exchanging Old Car Batteries

Another way to save money on Costco Interstate car batteries is to trade in old batteries for a discount. Earlier, Costco used to feature Kirkland Signature batteries that could get you a 100% discount depending on their condition. Although you can’t get that nowadays, replacing your old Interstate can still get you lucrative deals.

Warranty on Costco Interstate Car Batteries

No Costco Interstate battery review can be complete without mentioning the store’s excellent warranty for all its inventory. An average Interstate car battery from Costco comes with a three-year warranty. For a small surcharge, Costco offers you the option to extend it by another two years.

A significant advantage that Costco has over its competitors is its customer-friendly service. You don’t need your battery purchase receipt to avail of the warranty. It helps to make the process quicker, but the attendant at the desk can confirm whether your battery falls within the warranty terms. Nevertheless, you should note that the warranty only covers manufacturing defects. Any damages from the end of the user or utilizing the battery other than intended voids the warranty.

Are Costco Interstate Batteries Maintenance Free?

Yes. Being maintenance-free is probably one of the reasons why Interstate batteries are so popular. You can leave the batteries idle for weeks on end and still be able to start your car. Furthermore, there is no chance of the electrolyte leaking out of the compartment unless the battery is severely damaged. 

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Your vehicle manufacturer may stick to a single battery supplier they have hired for a fixed contract. Still, you can’t go wrong if you want to switch over to Interstate for the foreseeable future. We hope this Costco Interstate battery review helped you obtain a clear idea of its quality and capabilities. If you require more info, check out their official website and make your drives stress-free today.


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