Who Buys Old Car Batteries Near Me?

As scientists and engineers focus on developing advanced solid-state batteries, we still need efficient disposal and recycling methods for older batteries. Lead-acid batteries can prove harmful to the environment, both from the corrosive acid and the impure lead sulfate. As much as Elon Musk would lead you to believe, we can’t just send all those old batteries into space.

Instead, we need a comprehensive and reliable way to reuse or recycle them. Regardless of which approach we use, it starts with the consumers directing the batteries to the appropriate facility. If you’re someone who’s Google ‘who buys old car batteries near me,’ then this is the guide for you. By the end, you’ll learn of all the viable methods available to you, and the various ways to recycle an old car battery.

Who Buys Old Car Batteries Near Me?

Once you’ve used your car for a few years, you’ll find that you need to replace the battery eventually. While a service center is most likely to send it to a recycling plant, your local mechanic may not have the required connections. Thus, the responsibility goes to you finding someone to buy an old car battery.

Fortunately, there are several options you can choose from. You can go to a battery recycling center or a service station operated by any renowned manufacturer. They can examine the battery for any faults and have it repaired for use in no time. There are a few services that can schedule a pickup from your location as well. More on that later.

How Much Is a Scrap Car Battery Worth?

How Much Is a Scrap Car Battery Worth?

An old car battery may be useless in its current state, but it still has several resources that have real-world value. The lead electrodes are convenient to restore and can be used for various applications. Sulfuric acid may lose its effectiveness, but you can make the solution work for cleaning applications, such as detergents and glass cleaners. The case, once cleaned, can be used to carry other volatile materials safely.

Other metals within the circuit and battery also have plenty of uses. Depending on the type of battery in question, you can obtain steel, cobalt, aluminum, and silver, all of whom can be purified with a straightforward cleansing process. You can choose to store the purified metals or sell them individually at your nearest scrapyard.

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Where Can I Sell My Car Battery for Cash?

There are several outlets that you can utilize to sell your car battery for cash. A few notable examples include the following.

Battery Recycling Plant

Battery Recycling Plant
Battery Recycling Plant

A battery recycling plant is your best bet to recycle a battery wisely. It typically has all the required machinery to restore the battery or separate all the elements so that they can be used elsewhere. Although, the challenge is locating one, as they often operate out of derelict locations to exercise safety. Yet, if you can find one, selling old batteries can yield a substantial profit. You can get anywhere from $12 to $75 for an out-of-use car battery, depending on its condition.



Commercial chains like the Walmart Auto Center and Autozone are always glad to take on eco-friendly initiatives. A consistent one is keeping their battery stock updated. Given the competition, recycling old batteries ensures a reliable supply of parts. You can sell your old batteries for a low price, or get a massive discount in exchange for a new one. Most customers report that they can get up to $90 in store credit in exchange for old car batteries.

Battery Service Center

You can sell your old car batteries to a service center of the same brand. It may have the necessary tools to restore your battery quickly and give it back to you in a few hours. You can also sell it for a lower cost if you wish to buy a new one outright.

Online Marketplace

Several online platforms like eBay and Craigslist can help you get rid of old car batteries. You can post a picture along with the necessary information to search for prospective buyers. It takes longer than other procedures mentioned in this list, but you can get excellent prices for your batteries. A well-maintained AGM battery can be sold for about $150 to the right candidate.

Pawn Shop

Pawn shops are always a good place to sell your old items. A few of them can even take old car batteries, provided they have the connections to repair them. Still, you must remember that you won’t likely get an ideal deal. Pawn shops can only hoard items for so long. They can give you at most $70 for your car battery, even if it’s a high-capacity variant.

Auto Scrapyard

An automotive scrapyard would be more than happy to take an old car battery or other automotive parts off your hands. They are conveniently located in most cities and offer great deals on replacements. You can sell a 12V battery for up to $80 at your nearest scrapyard, provided it only has limited degradation.

Local College/Research Institute

If you’re feeling generous, you can always let the bright, young minds at your nearest college or research institute take a look at an old battery. They can repurpose the components for their projects or scrap them more efficiently than any conventional outlet. Just don’t expect hefty compensation. The best price you can get for a heavy-duty AGM battery is around $40.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Autozone Give You Money for Old Batteries?

Yes. All Autozone outlets can buy your old car batteries for decent prices. You can also choose to get a discount on a new one by trading an older variant.

Can I Sell My Old Car Battery to Walmart?

Yes. Most Walmart outlets can give you a great deal on old car batteries. A few customers choose to take store credits, which they can use to buy other stuff from the shopping mart itself.

Can You Get Money From an Old Battery?

Yes. As mentioned above, you can sell your old battery to various facilities and outlets in your city. Although, all of them have different prices to offer, so it’s best to call ahead and do your own research beforehand.

Does Napa Buy Old Batteries?

Yes. Napa service centers have the necessary tools to recycle old batteries and trade you for a new one at decent prices. For a good AGM battery, they can provide you up to $80 in store credit.

Is There Any Value in Old Car Batteries?

Yes. Old car batteries can be conveniently recycled or dismantled to retain valuable metals. You can take them to an authorized service center or a scrapyard for decent prices.


And that concludes our guide on who buys old car batteries near me. With such insights, you can conserve precious resources or have some extra cash in your pocket. Just remember to do it safely, as leaky or overloaded batteries can cause electrical fires and harm to your person.

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